August 7, 2016

Circle of Five (5)

Starting point for execution of education

The Circle of Five focusses on changing the mindsets and seeing the bigger picture. Other than that the learner should experience and be purposeful and meaningful engaged to change their mindset (from fixed to growth) to prepare themselves for the future.

Focus on Positive

With focus on positivity, we want to support talent development and self-directedness of every learner

Providing Challenge For Every Learner

By providing a variety of active learning opportunities learners can discover their unique talents and their personal ambitions (specialist versus generalist, T-shape profile)

Trust Gives Ownership

We believe that a motivated learner who takes responsibility of his own learning path, is able to assess himself on his competences for work, life and society.

Cohesion in Development of Education

Cohesion in modules, subjects and study activities increases the learning potential for learners

Lean Education

Every activity in development or executing education should add value. Eliminating waste and focussing on every day small improvements will be beneficial for the overall quality

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