November 6, 2016

What We Do

We Drift Paradigms

What we do is explore mindsets and paradigms that are not or no longer serving its purpose. In business, the paradigms of old business models can prevent young starters to develop businesses of the future and fixed mindsets, in education can block new teachers from experimenting with new ways of learning and in Personal Growth fixed patterns can keep one in a continuous circle of behavorial and psychological patterns. As Paradigm Drifters, we cause the first ripple in the water to drift towards the direction of new paradigms and mindsets that fit current goals and allow growth.

The XRebel Way

Most consultancy agencies and training focus on process when finding a solution and giving advice. The problem is, they stick to the ‘what’ of the problem and give ‘open door’, mostly abstract, advice that will not cure the problem on the long run.  Our approach  is different. We take the challenge to look at the ‘why’ of a problem to give you uncensored ‘how’ advice on finding solutions. With our knowledge and broad toolbox we approach your case with the best specific tools. The result of our approach is visible immediate results with long-term benefits!

Paradigm Drifting as a Driving Force

Paradigm Drifting means doubting your own status quo. We challenge you to put your own beliefs, habits and truths to the test of time, rationality, spirituality and psychology. Your beliefs are true until you prove the opposite. And the only one to prove yourself wrong is you. Nobody else can. You have to be a strong person to do this. You need to be open, unjudging and as objective as possible. You need the ability to shift perspectives easily, listen to other people's perspectives and be ready to come to new conclusions every single day. Paradigm Drifting is tilting and rocking the boat. We use the power of words to change a load, a feel or a way of thinking. For example: when you change 'I am afraid for uncertainty' into 'I am open to the opportunities of the unknown' you will be more likely to find out the good sides of uncertainties. Additionally, nothing in life can be certain anyway.

3 Steps to drift paradigms

1) Explore existing mindsets, fixed patterns and paradigms that block for innovation, efficiency and growth.

2) Formulate a new desired state.

3) Build a bridge towards a new mindset and paradigm in which the state can become reality.

XRebels uses this 3 steps to guide you in building a growth mindset and new paradigm which are open to growth and new perspectives. We use and combine science based and practice based tools and philosophies in every step from a holistic perspective on LEAN thinking, Design Thinking, Cognitive Psyhology, Business Innovation, NLP, Transactional Analyses, Communication models, Leadership models and Management models.



Ricardo Abdoel's Masterclasses will inspire you and and company about a variety of themes.


My workshops focus on Personal Growth, Personal Communication & Relationships. I combine theory, practice and my own experiences. I use active learning in my workshops to support individuals in their path.


Ricardo Abdoel's offers advice in any topic.

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