June 5, 2016

Kun Tao Management

Kun Tao Martial Arts

Kun Tao is the dynamic art of self-defense and if necessary a vital attack on the human nerve system. This art has been practiced for more than 100 years and originated in China. Kun Tao exists of many different styles where precision, speed, agility and position play a major role. One of the characteristics of Kun Tao is the short but sharp power punctuation's which are placed precisely under a certain angle. 

The most important aspect of Kun Tao is the breathing technique. Learning how to breath and concentrate and how to be agile with your body and mind will turn every punch into an explosion of energy perfectly directed and coordinated to take out your opponent. To reach this stage of perfection one will have to train hard not only physically but also mentally. The basic techniques fully concentrate on breathing techniques, positioning as in footwork, direction and a sense of control. 

Due to the fact that Kun Tao attacks the human nerve system practitioners are aware that any combat can result in great damage. This gives Kun Tao a social character because every practitioner will avoid if possible any kind of combat.

Many years ago I started practicing Kun Tao Martial Arts. Today I passionately practice the training and the techniques on my own pace, time and place. What I have learned from all these years of training and practicing is that Kun Tao sharpens the mind and develops the body not necessarily for combat but for a happy, healthy, vital and fulfilled life in balance because of being able to neutralize energy flows.

The Art of Energy Flow Neutralization

Everybody can recall a situation or moment in their life where things didn't really worked out as planned due to conflicts, frustrations, with perhaps a colleague, a client or maybe even your boss. There are several good books written on the topic of conflicts, resistance, group dynamics, etc. in most cases related to workplaces, offices, work floor, etc. 


Of course every book or any other source holds it's merits and probably one can solve problems and conflicts by understanding and applying the theory. Our approach is different and more practical. Conflicts, problems, stress and other kind of disturbances that takes you away from reaching "flow" in whatever you do will somehow have a negative impact on your personality, character, performance and especially health. It sucks the energy out of you. We have found a way to neutralize the negative energy and bend it into something positive. We call this method and technique Kun Tao Management.

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