August 7, 2016

Education & Research

Education Ecosystem

Preparing the professional of the future demands an approach in which the impact of emerging technologies and its influence on three main factors - Human, Environment and Facilities - are considered. Our aim is not only to focus on developing informal and formal curricula, programs, courses, workshops and training, whether off- or online. Our approach of understanding the current needs and demands with the future needs and demands is a more holistic approach. We look at the big picture by understanding the dynamics between every stakeholder. We believe that by collaborating and co-creating a new Education Ecosystem that is sustainable and adaptive is a concern and responsibility of every stakeholder. For this we develop and execute inspiration and creativity sessions supported by technology and tools. 




Vision on Education

The educational playground aims to design and develop programs, in which learners are triggered to develop a pro-active attitude, develop a healthy research mentality, manage their own time, to strive for excellence, to be meaningfully and actively engaged, take full advantage of opportunities, to focus on quality and relevance of the subjects they are studying or researching. To create common ground with a variety in multidisciplinary educational designers, the 3C model and Circle of Five (5) was introduced.

Overview of Stakeholders

Recommended Sources

  • World Economic Forum
  • WRR Report
  • NAP Report
  • etc
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