Life after the pandemic – The “new”​ normal

Carl Sagan During a short break from the daily #digital work due to #socialdistancing and #intelligent #lockdown 1 and 2, I picked up a #book, not totally coincidental I think, from one of the greatest #visionaries: Pale Blue Dot by @CarlSagan. In a #time where an invisible #enemy like a #virus threatens #humanity, reflections on Read more about Life after the pandemic – The “new”​ normal[…]

Formula 1 Racing! High Tech and so much more…

Formula 1 still the world’s number one sport. Not so surprising. New technologies really are born here. It is the perfect environment to test new ideas and technological innovations. From engine to body parts and from aerodynamics to lightweight constructions with a lot of software and control engineering. Is it the car or the driver? Read more about Formula 1 Racing! High Tech and so much more…[…]

Game Changers Mindset – How to value innovate with exponential technologies

How do start-ups and big companies keep up with creating value for an ever growing demand and need of customers in a rapidly changing world and society? Globalization, digitization and (exponential) technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Digital Manufacturing, etc. are opening new perspectives (challenges and opportunities) for consumers as well for Read more about Game Changers Mindset – How to value innovate with exponential technologies[…]

Kick-Off Foundation XPrize IBM Watson AI Challenge

Today we kicked-off our new foundation with work title LEAF (Learn Explore Apply Foundation) participating in the XPrize IBM Watson Challenge on applications of Artificial Intelligence. Have a look at the orignal website for more information: Currently we are looking for students from different disciplines to become a core member of the LEAF foundation. We Read more about Kick-Off Foundation XPrize IBM Watson AI Challenge[…]

The mysteries of our Universe

Time travel, dark matter, dark energy and worm holes really inspire me. It takes your mind of, of the daily activities and gives you the opportunity to reset your mind and wander to places where the answers and the questions are as good as your imagination. There is so much to discover, so many questions and Read more about The mysteries of our Universe[…]


Just a few weeks ago I flew to India for a short holiday/business trip (more on that in my India Blog). During this 8 hour flight there are really only two things you can do. Put your headphones on and watch a movie and ignore the world or when possible get some shuteye and forget about the world. Read more about The THEORY of EVERYTHING[…]