July 13, 2019

About Us

Yes another  website. How can I stay behind and look at others using technology as the wonders of the world and connecting to people all over the world. Gathering information and sharing information. This is a website about what keeps me moving, motivated, challenged, inspired among so many other things in life.

My life philosophy is: Realization is creation of imagination”. I believe that many people pursue short-term goals while life goals should be leading. I call for a more slow down culture; “Sometimes we go too fast and we forget ourselves. It can help us to take some distance. This allows other things to come on our way, so we can make better choices”.

So allow me to share some of my thoughts with you for I will allow you to interact upon these thoughts. And let’s see what this will bring and what we can give to make it a better life and on to a better world. With warm regards!

Ricardo Abdoel (#RCI)