Formula 1 Racing! High Tech and so much more…

Formula 1 still the world’s number one sport. Not so surprising. New technologies really are born here. It is the perfect environment to test new ideas and technological innovations. From engine to body parts and from aerodynamics to lightweight constructions with a lot of software and control engineering.

Is it the car or the driver?

And if that is not enough for an engineer. They even tour the world. Racing on different tracks under different conditions means fine-tuning and a little bit more fine-tuning till the race car is perfect for the race and the driver. Speed, power, control, beautiful places, and die-hard business. What else?

I really look forward to this year’s race. Also because the FIA has implemented some new rules on design, form and engine power. Do I have a favorite? Not really. I just favor the one who races clean but is willing to take the risk to make it a real battle on the track.

Beautiful Monaco

One of the most celebrated and exciting street race tracks must be Monaco. The season is perfect. The weather in May is in full swing. It is one of the beautiful places you have to visit just to roam around and get a taste of the high society jet-set. It is remarkable how they turn the whole city upside down for this yearly magnificent event. And of course, no matter who will win the race you definitely can enjoy a party all over the place.

As I don’t really have a favorite racer I do feel proud that The Netherlands is being represented by Max Verstappen and doing a super great job. He already has a brilliant career but I am sure more promising things are heading his way. And also super proud of all the different countries participating in Formula 1. It is great to see how countries like India and Azerbaijan in their own way contribute to a world-leading sport.

Smart City Singapore

A street race at night in one of the smartest cities of the world is like getting lost in a happy way fed by all the impressions and mesmerizing luxury that a modern city has to offer. Go and visit Singapore and just for a moment enjoy being disconnected from the world we know and immerse yourself in imagination and opportunities of what is possible. It is an extraordinary experience.

Green Spa-Francorchamps 

Circuit Spa-Francorchamps is a fast track with elevated parts in the greenery of the beautiful and peaceful Spa in Belgium. It is so close to home that for me it is a must-visit each year again.

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