Just a few weeks ago I flew to India for a short holiday/business trip (more on that in my India Blog). During this 8 hour flight there are really only two things you can do. Put your headphones on and watch a movie and ignore the world or when possible get some shuteye and forget about the world. In my case I could not achieve the last option due to less space and uncomfortable seats and position in the airplane. So I decided to challenge the jet-lag by staying up and watch a movie.


I heard a lot of good things about the movie “The THEORY of EVERYTHING”. I was happy to see this movie on the list of movies from which I could choose. For those returning on my page know that I am somewhat captured by #astronomy, #physicsand #science in general. I could talk hours about how brilliantly Mr. James Marsh captured the life of Prof. Stephen Hawking, one of worlds most famous and brilliant theoretical physicists.

The music from composer Jóhann Jóhannsson takes you on a romantic journey throughout the highs and the lows. Absolutely brilliant music. I listen to this music when studying, working or just when I am star gazing and wondering about the world or the universe.

Although the movie didn’t made any deep dives in the discovery and explanation of Prof. Hawking’s way of thinking and work, it fascinated me in so many different ways. It showed that struggle comes in many forms and is of any time. But perseverance and belief in oneself will bring you to the heights where one is possible to change the world. Fighting against your own dreams to succeed in what you belief and still trying to fit in with a normal human life. We all have our own choices that gives us direction towards our goals. I don’t think there is a right or wrong, for everything in life is relative based on perception, knowledge, time and space. No one said it is going to be easy.

We humans have always been discoverers as in even today’s world we push the boundaries to find new heights to better understand the why the what and the how. But only with pioneers like Prof. Hawking and other brilliant minds who dare to dream big we can set the path to better understanding and finding answers on all those big questions we have.


CERN Mug: Standard Model

It intrigues me to discover the beauty of our universe on my own pace and understanding, sometimes leaving me flabbergasted with more questions and increasing eagerness to find out more. In my own simple world and mind I try to come up with my own theories which I obviously can’t proof by using the math, at least not yet :). Keeping my hopes high!

So next time when you look up into the sky full of stars remember to reflect on your part of being!

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