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About Us

A little bit about what drives us and our business
Let's Co-Create Your Personal Experience!

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals connected via a fast growing online network.

Besides our day job we share knowledge, experience and skills to solve problems for third parties. We are able to assemble a team with the right competences for the right job at the right time. Our workforce is not regional but global and our solutions are focused on adding value to each and every stakeholder.

We believe in co-creation and collaboration crossing boundaries of different sectors and domains.

  • Seminars | Conferences | Fairs | Universities

  • Information is everywhere, knowledge is not!

  • 3DPrinting | IoT | Robotics | AI | SPACE

  • Never be the smartest person in the room...


No job can be done alone...

David Heurtaux

Embedded Systems and Product Developer

Jonathan van Eijs


Leke Raifi

Test Engineer / Chairman LEAFnl board

Fons-Jan Luijten

Mechatronics Engineer

Ragy Guirguis

Electrical Engineer

Marcel Klarenbeek

Media Manager

Zameed Sahebali

Project Manager

Qorin Wu

Software Engineer/ Secretary LEAFnl board

Victor Muojieje

Entrepreneur Exponential Tech.

Realization is the Creation of Imagination

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