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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

- Napoleon Hill -

About RCI

My mission is to contribute to the continuous development of Forward Thinking Global Citizens. Based on 4 strong pillars. Humanity, Learning (Personal Growth), Science, and Technology. As a generalist, I seek and discover opportunities by following trends and weak signals. I enjoy getting to know people and organizations searching for solutions to grow and develop their most important asset which is human potential and capital. I create connections between people to strengthen their unique capabilities in developing ecosystems of open innovation. Learning is the core and at the center of everything we know and don't know. Ask yourself this question. Can you stop learning? Can you turn it off? We can't because we humans are what we are through accumulated knowledge, experience, and wisdom. As we live in extraordinary times where the world is in continuous flux, fueled by exponential, converging, technological breakthroughs, we need to quickly adjust and adapt better yet transform to new realities, while maintaining our human norms and values. I have taken up the challenge to design, develop and execute a completely new human-centered learning and teaching university amplifying our human potential in a world where automation will dominate. Interested to join me on this quest? Let's connect and make this moonshot happen.
Let's Co-Create Your Personal Experience!

I strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach where professionals worldwide join forces and connect through different fast growing online networks and platforms.

Innovation asks for a more relentless and daring way of working and doing. An unpredictable world is an opportunity to imagine more intensely and create more beautifully realizing your human potential and higher purpose.

I believe in co-creation and collaboration crossing boundaries of different sectors and domains.

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  • Never be the smartest person in the room...

"The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore"

- Rumi -

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